PRP – 2 Books




New Frontier in Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

Second Edition

Author: Daniel Sister

Soft cover
180 pages full color
Size: 21x28cm
Published: 2020


Dr. Daniel Sister MD is a leading aesthetic practitioner and an innovator in his field, having introduced treatments including Radiesse, VI Peel,Polaris Laser, Carboxytherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - which he has developed into his own, the highly successful Dracula Therapy.
In his clinical practice he is a leading authority on bio-identical hormones.
Dr. Sister’s work is meticulously researched and he keeps patient care and safety paramount when developing and introducing new treatments.
Although Dr Sister spends the majority of his time practicing aesthetic medicine, this book has universal benefits to anyone practicing medicine.
The use of PRP in dentistry, sports medicine and wound healing are reasonably well documented, but this book is of relevance to practitioners across a wide range of medical conditions.
Dr. Sister is widely recognised as a reference point for the media, and frequently appears on television and radio, in print and online. He is a renowned lecturer, speaker and trainer worldwide, and contributes to several leading medical journals.
Following a successful 20-year career in journalism, Jemma Patton has spent the past four years working closely with Dr. Sister and Dracula PRP Therapy.
During this time she has developed a profound understanding of aesthetic medicine and ensures that Dr. Sister and Dracula PRP Therapy are promoted around the globe.
Jemma contributes to several leading medical journals in order to help practitioners embrace both traditional and digital media and communicate their brand messages effectively. Her contribution as co-author ensures that this book is both valuable and accessible to practitioners interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding of PRP.
I am confident in saying that this book should be considered the definitive guide to Platelet Rich Plasma.

David Hicks M.R.Pharm.S.
Chairman, Wigmore Medical Ltd


When I first discovered Platelet Rich Plasma I was excited at the prospect of an efficient, effective aesthetic treatment, with no side effects. I began experimenting, reading and researching, and I found that although the science was there, with absolute proof, the treatment itself was fairly unknown and not being used anywhere near as much as it should be.
I continued to read and research and became totally engrossed in the ‘magic’ of growth factors. I found much published research, studies and publications – but all in their own boxes. It was as if dentists do not share their research with orthopaedic specialists, and plastic surgeons do not share their data with sport medicine specialists.
I’ve seen for myself how much this treatment can benefit my patients, not just in the area of facial rejuvenation, but with healing scars, fixing sports injuries and thickening of hair. The possibilities are limitless. I realised that what was missing was a book covering all of the different indications, with the relevant references to prove the credibility of PRP.
So that became my obsession – my mission if you like! My wish is that this book opens the eyes of my colleagues, that it leads to more indications, more discoveries and of course, many more happy patients.

Dr. Daniel Sister


Authors: Antoine Turzi, REGEN LAB Team

Hard cover
96 pages full color
Size: 21×29,7cm
Published: 2017

In the 60’s, a scientist called Doctor Leonard Hayflick (Wistar Institute, Philadelphia) carefully characterized the serial cultivation of primary human fibroblast cell by demonstrating that primary human cell strains have a limited replicative lifespan or «doubling potential», restricted to 40-50 divisions. This finding led to the hypothesis that oxidative damage could be partially responsible for limiting in vitro lifespan, consistent with the free radical hypothesis of aging. We now know that senescence in response to repeated passage occurs because of critical shortening of the telomeres. The Hayflick theory has been greatly reconsidered by the observations from the INSERM group of Dr Barlovatz-Meimon published in 2003 in Paris regarding in vivo (i.e. on the patient himself) cell growth. These studies hypothesized that the fibroblasts may reach a 2 to 3 log growth, meaning that they could potentially undergo up to 500 to 5’000 cell divisions. Our GMP class II and III medical devices fully guarantee the patient’s safety because they are non-pyrogenic. Moreover, our manufacture process respects a full compliance with the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) June 2017, FDA (USA), and CFDA Regulations. For all these reasons, we believe that we bring to the medical community a powerful and reliable tool to standardize PRP preparations and thus future cell therapy clinical outcomes.