Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Standardization & Cell Therapies – 2nd Edition


Authors: Antoine Turzi, REGEN LAB Team

Second Edition

178 pages full color
Size: 21×29,7cm
Published: 2019

Regenerative medicine encompasses a wide range of techniques aiming at repairing or even replacing damaged or aged tissues. Among them, autologous platelet-rich.plasma (PRP) is the simplest one and the more efficient. This technique is based on the intrinsic abilities of the human body to repair a tissue lesion.
Currently, there is a growing interest in using PRP, due both to the fact that it represents a safe and natural alternative compare to more invasive forms of treatments, and the promising results it has demonstrated so far, for a large amount of indications.
PRP is becoming a key player in the medical world with millions of patients treated every year. Although limitations related to a lack of standardized procedure for its  preparation make it difficult to compare available clinical data. Consequently, Regen Lab SA developed the only one technology capable of providing a solution to this challenge of standardizing fresh cell preparations.
Based on more than 10-year experience, this book was written to help professionals involved in regenerative medicine to better understand PRP and cell therapies use. In addition, this book is intended for physicians who practice and conduct research in disciplines where PRP represents a therapeutic option, but it is also intended for anyone seeking reliable and up-to-date information on this technology.