Practical Manual of Aesthetic Medicine



Author: Laurent Benadiba

191 pages full color
Size: 18,5×27,5cm
Published: 2020

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Aesthetic medicine has become essential in our modern society, and though it is not yet considered as a medical specialty, the number of practitioners is constantly on the rise. Due to this trend, quality training has become a must. Current aesthetic medicine training remains quite variable: some Doctors only attend demonstration workshops organized by Laboratories, some acquire knowledge from reputed colleagues in the discipline, others may enroll in University degrees and others may participate in specialized conferences. Despite their participation, most of them still lack the required skills to practice correctly. This manual does not claim to replace the necessary University education, its role is to provide additional guidance for the most common and frequently used aesthetic medicine treatments, and I truly hope that it will serve as a base for those who use it.

In this book you find :

  • Advice for your installation and the development of your aesthetic medicine clientele
  • A summary table of the Fillers indicated by zone, according to a specific color code
  • The injections of fillers zone by zone explained step by step
  • Botulinum toxin injections for cosmetic purposes for the whole face and sweating
  • Complications, consequences and their management
  • A complete bibliography on all these subjects
  • Access to a training website with instructional videos, online courses and Workshops programs.
"Dear Readers
This book is intended for doctors and surgeons interested in aesthetic medicine.

It is part of the continuation of the university teaching cycle for a DUTIC, a diploma created based on the initiative of its author. It presents a new and practical aspect, and we are surprised by the need to access the information which seemed restricted to a closed circle of insiders.

It will become the go-to book for fans of facial restoration as it contains pragmatic answers to all the questions that everyone asks. Above all, it remains centered on the art of observation with the aim of making treatments part of a therapeutic project.

Pleasant reading and enjoy."
Dr Laurent Benadiba