Authors:  Alessio Redaelli, Marcelo Suarez Bigetti

Soft cover
176 pages full color
Size: 21×28cm
Published: 2016

Also available in: Italian, Spanish

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Over the last 40 years, the treatment of many diseases with mesotherapy has been a controversial topic, both for treatment of pain and also for facial rejuvenation or fat lipolysis.
Even if controversial, these techniques have evolved a lot, and patients’ demand for these techniques has increased.

Feeling younger, it is natural to want to look younger.
Alessio Redaelli and Marcelo Bigetti are senior faculty members of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine that I lead from about 40 years. I know them very well and I estimate their way to be scientifical. This opera so is more than welcome, knowing that they were able to find the right compromise and scientifical evidence also in a so controversial argument and topic.
It is a comprehensive and readable text, very practical, as in the way of Prof. Redaelli, and with good images to exactly understand the different techniques.

In my opinion this text allowed the authors to meet science in a field that sometimes, in many countries, remains art.

Dr. Delune Michel
AAAM President
Pioner of aesthetic medicine


Alessio Redaelli MD

He received his degree in 1979 and specialized in Vascular Surgery and Esthetic Medicine in Milan. He still works and studies in Milan today.
He founded Medical Aesthetic, a leader in the teaching of esthetic medicine to doctors and dentists.
He participated in the creation of the master in “aesthetics of the oral and perioral tissues” for dentists offered at the University of Padua and is professor and member of its coordinating committee at the Department of Medical-Surgical Specialization of the University of Padua (Director: Prof. E. Stellini).
He holds practical courses in Italy and abroad regarding aesthetic medicine and is a teacher and official faculty member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).
He is a teacher in the principal Italian schools of aesthetic medicine.
He has published numerous scientific articles regarding esthetic medicine and vascular surgery and some well-known books on aesthetic medicine.

marcelo suarez bigetti md

Dr. Marcelo Suarez-Bigetti completed his training as a General Surgeon, specializing in vascular surgery, and is recognized as an authority in the subspecialty of phlebology. Dr. Suarez-Bigetti has pioneered the exploration of new therapies for the treatment and prevention of vein- related disorders. He has developed original surgical procedures in cosmetic surgery, developed a technique for auto-grafting and autologous adipocyte transplantation, developed a proprietary technique for follow up CO2 laser resurfacing techniques, and conducted animal and human clinical trials on wound healing and laser tissue interaction. He has been involved in physician training programs for 17 years including many topics in clinical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology and dermatological surgery. He has been developing Continuing Medical Education programs from the time he received his board certification in cosmetic medicine in 1998; working in conjunction with CME committee/advisory boards; education companies and communication companies; university health science centers; state/regional/local medical societies and state/regional CME organizations, he is integrally involved in the educational planning of certified activities for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other health care professionals in the United States, Canada, Asia, Middle East and Europe. Dr. Suarez-Bigetti sits on several Scientific Advisory Boards, he is a Senior Faculty at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and teaches aesthetic medicine for physicians and health care practitioners. He has published numerous articles in a variety of Medical Journals.