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Author: Leonardo Longo

Soft cover
300 pages full color
Size: 21x28cm
Published: 2014

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Almost thirty years have passed since I wrote my first book on laser therapy. Then lasers were known mostly as surgical instruments while the non-surgical effects were being experimented exclusively in eastern Europe and Japan, and almost ignored by the rest of the international scientific community.

Now the world research scene has changed profoundly: after the arrival of Clinton and his health reform the United States also discovered that lasers are not only a surgical instrument and they are finally demonstrating “scientifically” that they can also be very useful for regenerating tissue and as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, together with or even as a substitution for many drugs.

The fact that lasers can be used as diagnostic instruments and as a means of therapy and surgery would justify the institution of a new specialization that could be called “Laserology” (but this term has already been copyrighted in the USA) or “Medical Laser Technology”.

This would allow optimization of the intellectual and economic resources since the same instruments could be used and experimented in the most diverse sectors of medicine and surgery.

The time is now ripe for this step, just as happened years ago for X-rays and radiology.

The World Federation of Societies for Laser Medicine and Surgery is proposing a master’s in “Laserology”, but it is still meeting with little interest by other international institutions.

This manual proposes to be the base for “Medical Laser Technology”, where we attempt to describe and simplify the fundamental concepts of physics, biology, histology, medicine, surgery that justify the use of laser on the human body. We also describe elements of animal research, never an end in itself, but projected to understanding the mechanisms of these radiations on the different biological tissues.

We have tried to take a practical approach to the whole volume: not endless theoretic and bibliographic quotes but a few basic elements for everyday practice. The authors and editor intend to follow up this basic manual with a series of specialized manuals, written by pioneers in the material and made extremely simple and comprehensible precisely from the study of this “basis”.

Hoping we have created something positive, I have only to wish all my readers “good work”.

Leonardo Longo


leonardo longo MD

Dr. Longo studies and uses the biological and surgical effects of laser and intense light on human tissue, especially on the skin, vein, nerve, muscle,tendon,connective tissue, stem cells andkeloids, for wound healing and scars remodelling, diabetes and metabolic diseases, brain and spinal cord injuries,for cutting and coagulation and photodialisis in patients with chronic immunological diseases.
Dr. Longo collected until 2011 more than 100 meeting titles and scientific publications, more than 20 treatises,280 meeting papers, is Editor of Laser Florence Proceedings, SPIE Publisher since 1999 until 2004, now American Institute of Physics Publisher; he is board member of 5 peer international journals, Laser in Medical Science, Springer London Publisher, Laser Therapy (Tokyo), Journal of Applied Biomedicine (Czech Rep), Leadership Medica (Cesil Publ, Milano, Italy), Acta Medica (Prague, Czech Rep), Dermatologic Therapy, Blackwell Publishing, Academy of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, Polish Medical Society Publ., Warzaw.
He is President of Laser Florence Annual Congress and Courses since 1997 until today.