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Mini Lift and Dermocosmetic Treatments by Threads

Author: Pier Antonio Bacci

Soft cover
200 pages full color
Size: 21x28cm
Published: 2015

Also available in: Italian

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prof. pier antonio bacci

Pier Antonio Bacci, as well as studying diseases of the veins and lymphatics, since 1977 has been dedicated to the problems of plastic and cosmetic surgery and medicine, participating in Fellows classes and short courses in Brazil, Argentina, France, Israel, Canada and the U.S.A.

A specialist in Cardiovascular disease and in Surgery, he was adjunct professor of “Surgical Techniques” at the School of Plastic Surgery of the University of Siena (1998-2000) and of “Cosmetic Surgery” at the School of Specialization in Sur-gery of the University of Siena (1999-2010). He also teaches “cosmetic pathology of the adipose tissue” in the Master course of Cosmetic Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and in the Master course of Cosmetic Medicine of the University of Siena.

He has presented at numerous national and international conferences studies on surgery for varicose veins and large legs, studies on cosmetic phlebology for capillaries and pig- mentation, spa methods and methods of cosmetic physiothe- rapy and of wellbeing, surgical techniques for the correction of cosmetic flaws of the buttocks, the face and the lips, but above all studies relative to the world of cellulite, on which he has published works translated into Spanish and English. He is an expert in problems connected to cosmetic flaws of the legs and is considered a pioneer and opinion leader in mini-invasive surgical techniques of the face and the buttocks, with personal methods and presentations in over 40 countries. He is an honorary member of different scientific societies and the author of many scientific publications, articles and television interviews.

He is a regular member of the Italian Surgical Society, a mem- ber of the Italian Society of Plastic Surgery, a regular member of the Italian Society of Cosmetic Medicine, a past advisor of the Italia College of Phlebology, President of the Italian Academy of Beauty of Arezzo, coordinator of the Wellbeing sector in the Risk Management Forum of Arezzo (2008-2010) and scientific director of Rome International Aesthetics 2011 at the Rome Fair.

He lives in Arezzo and also has offices in Florence and Rome. In Arezzo he is a surgical consultant at the Centro Chirurgico Toscano; in Florence he is Director of Surgery at the Maria Teresa Hospital Clinic.