Facial Aging – 2nd Edition



Second Edition

Authors: Alessio Redaelli, Frédéric Braccini

Soft cover
288 pages full color
Size: 22×28 cm
Published: 2020

Also available in: Italian

Aesthetic medicine is an extremely rapidly developing field. New treatments are invented each year and existing treatments are constantly evolving and being improved. To practice in aesthetic or cosmetic medicine at the best level, it is not sufficient simply to rely on techniques learnt ten or even five years ago. It is perhaps more important in this discipline, which is so practical, than in most other disciplines, to be familiar with current treatment techniques.

Beautifully illustrated and highly practical, Alessio Redaelli‘s and Fredéric Braccini’s latest and fully revised edition of their highly acclaimed “Facial aging: manual of aesthetic medicine“ is a wonderfully clear and readable book which has now been redesigned specifically for today‘s aesthetic physician. All the chapters in this edition are concerned with techniques that are directly relevant to the practice of aesthetic medicine by aesthetic physi- cians. Botulinum, fillers and lasers – all these and many more treatments are here clearly presented by hand-picked experts in this authoritative and comprehensive textbook. Important chapters cover complications and their treatment and prevention, including a particularly clear account of the management of ischaemic complications of fillers.

For today’s aesthetic physician, this book is probably indispensable.

Christopher Rowland Payne


Alessio Redaelli MD

He received his degree in 1979 and specialized in Vascular Surgery and Esthetic Medicine in Milan. He still works and studies in Milan today.
He founded Medical Aesthetic, a leader in the teaching of esthetic medicine to doctors and dentists.
He participated in the creation of the master in “aesthetics of the oral and perioral tissues” for dentists offered at the University of Padua and is professor and member of its coordinating committee at the Department of Medical-Surgical Specialization of the University of Padua (Director: Prof. E. Stellini).
He holds practical courses in Italy and abroad regarding aesthetic medicine and is a teacher and official faculty member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).
He is a teacher in the principal Italian schools of aesthetic medicine.
He has published numerous scientific articles regarding esthetic medicine and vascular surgery and some well-known books on aesthetic medicine.

Frèdèric Braccini md

He is a Facial Plastic Surgeon. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Marseilles (Senior intern, hospital assistant and clinical head physician). He was associate surgeon at the American Hospital of Paris (2009-2011) and has been working in private practice in N. since 2001. lie has been affiliated with the General Medical Council (UK) since 2014 and the Switzerland Medical Council since 2015. He is past President of the Advanced Medical and Surgical Aesthetic Society (SAMCEP).
Secretary to the French Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and he is also a member of the European Acad., of Facial Plastic Surgery and the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe. He joined the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2014. Ile has organized many conferences and published many scientific studies and books on facial plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Ile is a key opinion loader for several companies and scientific committees. He is the scientific co-director of the Face2Face Congress, the Face Aesthetic Masterclass and the Nice Rhinoplasty class.