Body Contouring


Author: Bruno Bovani

Soft cover
140 pages full color
Size: 21×28cm
Published: 2018

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We have known for a long time how much hormonal, metabolic, and genetic factors influence the aging of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. This can be increased, then, by an excessive exposure to sunlight or tanning beds, due to the resulting overproduction of free radicals which accelerate this aging process.

Fibroblasts end up reducing their own ability to produce new elastic fibers and collagen, resulting in the onset of sagginess, often crossed by fine wrinkles, and even pigment alteration on the skin.The most affected areas are the inner surface of the upper arms and thighs, knees, buttocks, and abdomen, in addition to the face and neck, which are often the first areas affected by this process as well.

From there the situation is frequently further complicated by the appearance of fatty tissues that will disrupt the harmony of the body profiles of the individual.

For many years, the blemishes brought on by this were exclusively solved by surgically removing excess skin; a method which, if well executed, has always produced good aesthetic results immediately, but almost never in the long term. In fact, proceeding with a surgical procedure that involves the dissection and excision of excess skin tissue can only worsen the initial conditions, already compromised in a sagging tissue. However, with the advent of a new trend aiming to identify new effective and less invasive methods, with no scars and no long convalescences, a new field of interest has been developing that employs medical devices designed to trigger the response of fibroblasts for tissue regeneration.

And it was the big demand for safe, non-invasive, repeatable methods, that led to the rapid growth of the sector of the remodeling of body profiles that we witness daily – Radiofrequency, Ultrasound, Fillers, Suspension Threads, Bio Stimulation and much more all came out of this.

Acting with confidence into this vast panorama of techniques today is not easy, even for experienced professionals, so I will try to show you the basics that have enabled me to develop my own personal method, not without having encountered difficulties along the way.

I do not claim, in all honesty, to have solved the problem of skin sagginess, but thanks to good knowledge of anatomy, physics of instruments used, biochemistry of materials, but especially correct patient selection, I believe I can indicate a “safe route”. Of course, I already know that as you read this book, new techniques will be appearing in our field and perhaps even my personal method will be enriched with new elements, but this is just one of the exciting aspects of our work. Above all else in this book, note the common thread that leads me to make certain choices: regardless of the method you are going to use, keeping this in mind won’t betray you!

Bruno Bovani


Bruno bovani MD

Bruno Bovani was born in 1961 in Perugia, Italy, his hometown to which he is still strongly fond, although his professional activity takes him away more often than he would like. He is married, and he has a son who is following in his footsteps in surgery.

HIS PHILOSOPHY: In recent years plastic surgery has undergone great changes, not only in the improvement of the techniques, but also in the concepts behind this medical specialization. After years of “excesses” that have generated so much negative talk about plastic surgery, the common thread that unites every good and serious professional of this field today revolves around a more balanced and discreet relationship with the patient.

Also, thanks to the groundbreaking strides in technology, and especially thanks to a greater awareness of the professionals working in this field, today we have reached more natural, safe, and low-invasive results, than previously unimaginable. This is the idea of plastic surgery he identifies with – discarding unsafe methods for patients, but mainly trying to avoid anything that can generate changes in features or excessive fixes.