Coordinators: Alessio Redaelli, Frédéric Braccini, Natalia Sukmanskaya
Authors: Michael Alfertshofer, Robert Chmielewski, Sebastian Cotofana, Ferial Fanian, Konstantin Frank, Hassan Galadari, Wei Jin Hong, Marina Landau, Ingrid López Gehrke, Sheng Kang Luo, Nicholas Molhoff, Valerie Philippon, Alena Saromytskaya, Riekie Smit, Elina Theodorakopoulou

Hard cover
208 pages full color
Size: 21x28cm
Published: January 2024

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Education, safety, and innovations that can improve patient outcomes are important components of our mission. Over the past years, we have observed a high demand for comprehensive educational content that helps improve the knowledge of doctors and keeps them updated on the most relevant trends, anatomy, and safe injection practices. In response to these unmet medical needs, FILLMED Laboratoires, in collaboration with the Art & Science international board, decided to compile a book dedicated to medical education in aesthetic medicine. With the participation of worldwide international experts, we aimed to bring excellence to medical education and assist doctors worldwide in achieving the best possible aesthetic results. Within the pages of this book, medical doctors will find a wide range of topics, starting from the history of aesthetic medicine, proceeding through facial anatomy, patient assessment, treatment planning, the science behind the procedures, an individualized patient-centric approach in medical aesthetics, safety measures, and strategies to avoid complications, among much more. We hope this book will serve as your universal guide, one that you can use in your everyday practice to attain optimal aesthetic results and enhance patient satisfaction. Beauty is an art. We have transformed it into a science.



Prof. Alessio Redaelli

He lives and works in Milan. He is scientific director of Medical Aesthetic and chairman of IPAM Congress and Masterclass. He has published many books in the field of aesthetic medicine and more than 35 scientific articles in the field of aesthetic medicine and phlebology. KOL for Ipsen company. Visiting Professor at the Genoa University, Master in Aesthetic medicine. Teacher in Iapem and Aims Italian schools. He is chairman and scientific director of International Congress IPAM. He is an active member of the International Academy of Aesthetic Dermatology. He is chairman and KOL at the majority of the most important international congresses.

Prof. Alessio Redaelli


Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Marseille, Dr. Braccini is recognized as an international expert in surgery and aesthetic medicine. He conducts private teaching courses across Europe and delivers lectures at conferences worldwide.
He has served as the President of SAMCEP and as the Secretary for the French Society of Facial Plastic Surgery; he is also a member of prestigious organizations such as the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Dr. Braccini has played a significant role in organizing numerous congresses and has authored numerous scientific studies and books on facial plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. He holds the position of Key Opinion Leader for several companies and scientific committees. He was one of the scientific co-founders of the Face2face Congress and currently serves as the Scientific Course Director for events such as the AMWC congress, Visage Congress, Botulinum Toxin course, Face Aesthetics Masterclass, Nice Rhinoplasty course, and the ENT & Esthetic Corsica congress.


She holds the Head of Global Training and Scientific PR position at Fillmed Laboratoires. With over 19 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she is exceptionally well-qualified in the field of medical education. Dr. Sukmanskaya earned her Medical Doctor degree in 2003 and subsequently completed her Global MBA at Oxford Brookes University Business School, a world-renowned institution.
As a strategic expert in medical education, she oversees a dedicated team focused on meeting unmet medical needs and providing optimal solutions for aesthetic doctors worldwide.

Natalia Sukmanskaya MD