The Gynecology section of Officina Editoriale Oltrarno offers a wide range of books and practical manuals dedicated to gynecological and aesthetic treatments of the female genital area.

Each volume, signed by authoritative authors, is dedicated to a specific topic examined by studying the different intervention techniques, the protocols to be followed, the materials to be used, and the anesthesia techniques.   The variety of topics of our texts includes injection techniques with hyaluronic acid, vulvovaginal aging, treatments with carboxytherapy and laser, labiaplasty, and vulvoplasty.

These books have the great merit of presenting clearly and pleasantly the aspects specifically related to the evolution of the organs and the female sexual sphere, in the transition from fertile age to menopause, with an approach and a cultural background anchored to the aspects mentioned above: prevention, relationship, awareness, and self-care; on this is grafted an updated and complete treatment of the relevant anatomical, physiological, endocrinological, and psychological aspects.

Particular attention should be given to our book Guide to "Gynecology of childhood and adolescence" by Professors Vincenzina Bruni and Metella Dei, two of the most authoritative voices in the gynecology field. Since the gynecology of childhood and adolescence is a border territory between various specialties and disciplines (gynecology, pediatrics, endocrinology, developmental psychology, sexology, auxology) the book was designed as a guide for more or less experienced readers.

The organization of the materials is linked to choices of training methodology that facilitate a clinical approach while maintaining a basic scan in etiopathogenesis, diagnostics, and therapeutic lines. Sometimes, the starting point is the presence of symptoms or clinical signs, a pathology, sometimes age, or an organ. A large number of tables and figures meet the same criterion.

All our books follow the "step-by-step" method, where each clinical case is richly illustrated with pre- and post-operative photographs, with numerous drawings and videos, added to integrate the explanation of the different anatomical areas, the preparatory phases of the operations, but above all the aesthetic and functional gynecology techniques.

All our volumes are written to be practical tools not only for residents, young aesthetic doctors, and gynecologists in training, but also for expert doctors, always attentive to the changes that have occurred in recent times thanks to the use of new products and technologies. Finally, all the texts contain one or more chapters dedicated to anatomy, thus reaching a completeness not found in other editorial products. The printed version is supplemented by scientific data through frequent updates and dedicated web pages on which it is possible to find iconographies, scientific video data, informed consent, forensic medical notes, and information for the patient.

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