Anatomy Books

The Anatomy section of Officina Editoriale Oltrarno offers a wide range of books and practical manuals dedicated to the shape and structure of the face and other parts of the body.

Anatomy manuals for aesthetic medicine

Each volume is dedicated to a specific part of the body that is examined by studying the skeleton, muscles, vascular system, lymphatic system, nerves, and fat compartments, paying particular attention to the most delicate and dangerous areas.
Our catalog offers insights into the anatomy of the eyes, nose, lips, temple, ears, and male and female genitalia.
Particular attention should be given to the book “Face Anatomy” and its importance in beauty treatments. Quoting Andrea Alessandrini MD: "How can we inject a product, insert a needle or a cannula into the various areas of a face without having a thorough knowledge of anatomy, in particular of the mimic muscles, vessels and nerves?" (Face Anatomy, OEO Firenze, 2018).
Each volume, therefore, represents a practical tool for initial study, in-depth study, and consultation dedicated to all specialists who work in the field of aesthetics and study skin aging.

Videos and illustrations, dissections, and forensic medical notes are frequently updated on the dedicated web page

Anatomy does not change as our knowledge of it does, so our books are able to meet professional needs with an increasingly in-depth knowledge of everything related to the areas we want to treat, their functions, and problems, not neglecting changes in terminology and nomenclature. The topics of our anatomy texts are easy to consult, clear in the descriptions, and above all accurate in the images (photos of dissections and illustrations). The printed version is supplemented by scientific data and research perspectives through frequent updates and dedicated web pages on which it is possible to find additional iconographies, videos, forensic medical notes, and information for the patient. 

Best Anatomy Authors for Aesthetic Medicine Professionals

All our books are written by leading experts in the field and will help you hone your skills and increase your subject matter expertise. These volumes are a practical tool not only for residents and young aesthetic doctors in training but also for experienced doctors, always attentive to the changes that have occurred in recent times thanks to the use of new discoveries and technologies.

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